VIP (Lifetime)



  • Minecraft in-game prefix: You’ll receive a shiny golden prefix, so everyone will know that you are important to us.
  • Discord rank: You’ll receive a shiny golden Discord VIP rank, with the VIP rank you can see exclusive updates in a hidden channel.
  • Access to /fly command: This will give you the option to toggle flight mode. This can be used to explore some areas that may not be accessible for regular guests.
  • Access to /sit command: Sometimes it’s better to relax.
  • Exclusive VIP items: You’ll get access to exclusive VIP items like hats or balloons.
  • Ride control: With this feature you will be able to control your favorite rides.
  • VIP slots: These VIP slots will allow you to connect to our servers even if they are full. (Slots are limited)
  • VIP booster: You will receive 1 extra coin per minute.
  • Previews: Our VIPs get exclusive previews of our attractions before they open to the public.
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